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EPCI Business industrial rental property & hospitality oil & gas retail future bussiness
FALGA GROUP is an Indonesian-incorporated investment holding company founded in 1986 with ownership interests in EPCI Contractor, Oil & Gas Retail, Properties and Industrial Equipment Rental companies. Our Group integrates agile operating models and proactively appraise future business opportunities.
FALGA GROUP core priorities are building viable large-scale businesses that can stand against industry disruptions and economic shocks through organizational agility and resilience. Our Group strives to expand our diversified business portfolio by mobilizing investment for further sustainable development.


GDP (2022)

$ 1,25 T

exchange rate by Des 30, 2022 ($1 = IDR 15.670)

The Highest in South-East Asia

Source: BPS Indonesia

GDP Growth (2Q2022, yoy)


Stronger than numerous countries*

Source: World Bank

Internet Users (Jan 2022)

204,7 M

Increased 2,1 million (1,0%) yoy

Source: Data Reportal

Population (Feb 2023)

281 M

4th Highest in the World

Source: Worldometers

Trade Balance
(Jun 2022)

$ 24,89 B

Increased $ 13,05 B yoy

Source: BPS Indonesia

Population below
40 years old (2022)


Which equal to 176 million

Source: Dukcapil

Digital Economy (2021)

$ 77 B

Highest in South-East Asia

Source: Google, Temasek, and Bain

Infrastructure Development

$ 54,6 B

exchange rate by Nov 23, 2022 ($1 = IDR 15.706)

Has been invested to 135
National Strategic Projects

Source: Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs RI

*) including USA, Singapore, South Korea, China, Taiwan, etc

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